Healthcare assistance for students from out of town

Ser.In.Ar. has activated an agreement with the local public healthcare provider AUSL Romagna, in order to guarantee free generic medical assistance to students attending classes at the Forlì and Cesena Campuses and who are not local residents. This agreement entails access to general practitioner services without having to switch from your own general practitioner.

Thanks to this agreement, students from out of town can have free medical check-ups in doctors’ offices or at home, by presenting themselves to any general practitioner, the list of which is available on the website of AUSL Romagna. At the time of the check-up, each student must first show the following documents to the general practitioner:

  • University badge along with a photocopy of the same,
  • Self-certification (in attachment) attesting to the student’s status on the date of the check-up
  • Copy of ID card (with photograph).

Student self-certification
Extract of Agreement