The limited consortium company aims to promote and provide local, integrated services, as an organizing agent of the public bodies that promote socio-economic and cultural development mainly in the province of Forlì and Cesena; the company is a non-profit organization.

The company operates in the following specific areas:

  1. introducing advanced technology in all fields, public and private, in production and services;
  2. on-site development of scientific research and its application, in agreement and in close collaboration with the university, with public and private research institutes, and as part of the management of Tecnopoli, business incubators and similar structures;
  3. predisposition and, where necessary, management of structures and services for facilitating the installation and support of initiatives in research, higher education, university and post-graduate teaching, together with cultural initiatives, including but not limited to the search, arrangement and management of educational buildings and/or accommodations, dormitories, guest hostels, laboratories, museums and halls, also by means of annual and/or multi-year lease contracts and/or management agreements for real estate and structures to house students and professors, as well as to host the company’s activities; making available financial means, with no financial return, to develop projects for the benefit of institutes, courses, professors, teachers, researchers and students, in the form of scholarships, honour loans or similar formulas;
  4. the study and implementation of other initiatives in the tertiary sector for the benefit of the local population;
  5. professional training, mainly for higher, permanent and continuing education as part of the regional, national and EU system, specifically aiming at integration with the university and the local school system.

To this end the company may also purchase shares in corporations, cooperatives, consortiums of enterprises, foundations, already formed or to be formed, which carry out activities in harmony with the above-described aims, mainly in the area of Romagna.

To implement the aims described, the company may undertake any financial, investment or real estate transaction, with the sole exclusion of collecting savings and granting credit.