Progetto PICASP

APPLICANT : University D’Annunzio of Chieti

The Project PICASP

Grant Holder University D’Annunzio of Chieti – Pescara
Scientific responsible : Prof.ssa Oliva Menozzi

Partner Ser.In.Ar.
Legal Representative – President of Ser.In.Ar. Alberto Zambianchi
General Manager Fabrizio Abbondanza
Administrative Manager Alessandra Riva
Management of training projects Luigia Binetti
Contact Person : Prof. Massimo Bianchi

DURATION : 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2023 (36 months)

Picasp is an Erasmus + Project funded by UE in the branch of Capacity Building, for the realization of Pilot courses in Practice Enterprise to implement the University-Enterprise Cooperation for the development of Caspian Area.

The main aim of the PICASP project is to enforce the Cooperation University-Enterprise trough the collaboration for the establishment of innovative approaches in the Didactics of HEIs in Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management . In particular PICASP will strengthen the preparation of new professional figures with skills and competences required to take advantage of the enormous potentials offered, in the perspective of development induced by Silky Way and politics connected with OBOR, by the diffusion of modern and innovative SMEs and connected entrepreneurial activities. This will be induced by the education and up to date of teachers, tutors and mentors, coming from the entrepreneurial and managerial sector, to the applying of new didactical technolgies like Practice Enterprise and MOOCs.

To achieve this aim the following objectives were set:

  1. To develop the didactical methodology of courses ( short, curricular or inserted in existing Masters ) enhancing the acquisition of basic entrepreneurial skills and strengthening the connection between theory and practice with Practice Enterprise learning by doing adding in Az, Ru and Kz partner universities 14 + 7 multidisciplinary MOOC modules in Practice Management by Practice Enterprise for the preparation of teaching staff in condition to promote and manage courses oriented to the start up of SMEs and to the modernization of the existing ones.
  2. To foster the exchange of knowledge among HEIs to reduce the gap between the didactical offer and the need of labour market facilitating the access to advanced teaching offer with the experience of the EU partners in MOOCs modules.
  3. With the involvement of local stakeholders assist the competence development of teachers within PC HEIs concerning curricular up to date, active didactics , the menthorship of practice management with Start ups in SME Entrepreneurship and Management. To be mentioned the intervention of Professionals coming from Public, Non Profit and Business organizations operating in SME Entrepreneurship and Management.
  4. Implementing the Courses in SME Entrepreneurship and Management with a multidisciplinary perspective and reducing a gap between theory.


University of Chieti Pescara UDA (Grant Holder)UDA
Universytet Warszawski
Vilnius Gedeminias Technical UniversityVGTU
Astrakan State University ASU
Volgograd State Technical
Caspian State University of Technologies and Engineering Named After Sh. YessenovCSUTE
University of International Business UIB
Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University ATMU
Khazar University BakuKHAZAR
MIRAS AssociationMIRAS
Istituto Centrale per l’

Main Work Packages

P 1ITALYUniversity of Chieti Pescara UDA (Grant Holder)UDAWP5MANAGEMENT
P 9AZERBAIJANAzerbaijan Tourism and Management University ATMUWP1PREPARATION
P 3POLANDUniversytet Warszawski UWWP1PREPARATION
P 5RUSSIAAstrakan State University ASUWP2DEVELOPMENT
P 4LITHUANIAVilnius Gedeminias Technical UniversityVGTUWP2DEVELOPMENT
P 7KAZAKHSTANCaspian State University of Technologies and Engineering Named After Sh. YessenovCSUTEWP3QUALITY PLAN
P 8KAZAKHSTANUniversity of International Business UIBWP3
P 10AZERBAIJANKhazar University BakuKHAZAR
Ass 3 ITALIAIstituto Centrale per l’ArcheologiaICAASSOCIATE PARTNERS


Dissemination – Exploitation

Work Package implemented with the support of Ser.In.Ar. for the definition of dissemination activities values and outputs reaching target groups and wider public. The dissemination strategy will be implemented in collaboration with all Partners that are able to individuate the target groups in their country by taking into account the local rules and regulations. Strategy and operative plan will be distributed to all partners who operate in collaboration with Governmental Bodies, wider academic, business community and public institutions. Will be prepared a list of local opinion leaders and most influential persons in SMEs Entrepreneurship and Management, at local or national level, to involve in the promotion, dissemination and exploitation of the PICASP Project.

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Project Materials:
Report Meeting – 24th February
Work Packages Planning



Resto del Carlino, 23 Febbraio 2021
A. Zambianchi: Formiamo i giovani per lavori che tra poco non ci saranno più.

Resto del Carlino, 26 Settembre 2020
Elide Giordani: Le start up romagnole si specchiano nel Caspio.

Instructions for the access to the MOOCs on Practice Enterprise

M.O.O.Cs for the Teaching Staff of Practice Enterprise