Progetto Resint

APPLICANT : University of Bologna

Scientific responsible : Prof. Massimo Bianchi

DURATION : 01/10/2013 – 30/09/2015 (24 months)

The Project RESINT – Collaborative Reformation of Curricula on Resilience Management with Intelligent Systems in Open Source and Augmented Reality is a an Erasmus multilateral projects LLP Programme selected by the European Commission EACEA Agency .

RESINT wants to contribute to the reform and implementing of curricula in resilience management with the collaboration of not academic partners through the elaboration and offer in an open source platform, of a model that comprehensively reflects best practices from business companies, NGOs and government in managing operational resilience across the disciplines of business continuity management, security management, post catastrophe practices and IT operations management.

The collaborative approach between academic and not academic organizations will overcome the existing inadequacy of university courses, curricula and syllabuses that do not meet the needs of the world of labour from one side and the lack of
professional skills and attitudes from the other.


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